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We Went Outside Our Catchment Area to Help this Fox with Severe Mange

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Although East London has a little bit of coverage by rescue organisations for wildlife, it has almost no rescue coverage for foxes in particular; like many parts of London, it’s sadly not in range of any wildlife rescue organisation. So when we received a request for help for a motionless fox with severe mange in Beckton, we knew that no other rescue was likely to be able to help, and decided we had to find a solution.

With Woolwich Ferry not working it took us around fifty minutes to drive to Beckton, but once on scene it took just minutes to capture the young fox due to his extremely weakened state and because thankfully, the kind person that reported him had blocked him in an outdoor shelter prior to our arrival. This good hearted person had been feeding the fox for weeks and tried medicating him for the mange but unfortunately, he had not improved. We then handed him over to our amazing volunteer Liz who took him direct to South Essex Wildlife Hospital, where his treatment for mange under their expert care could begin.

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