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Useful Reading

Interested in becoming a wildlife rehabilitator? These books and written guides are a great place to start, or are useful to have on hand for reference.


A Beginner's Guide to Rearing Wild Birds

by Samantha Bedford

Handfeeding and Raising Baby Birds

by Matthew M. Vriends

Hand-rearing birds

Laurie J Gage

Hand-rearing parrots and other birds

Rosemary Low

First Aid for Birds

by Julie Rach Mancini & Gary A. Gallerstein

All Wildlife

St Tiggywinkles Wildcare Handbook: First Aid and Care for Wildlife

by Les Stocker

Practical Wildlife Care

by Les Stocker

First Aid for Wildlife (Basic Care for Birds & Mammals) (Basic Care for Birds and Mammals)

by Irene Ruth

BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties (BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

by Elizabeth Mullineaux and Emma Keeble

Healers of the Wild: Rehabilitating Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

by Shannon K Jacobs

The Road to Release: A beginner’s guide to wildlife rehabilitation

by Annette M King


Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation (Self-Assessment Colour Review)

by Anna Meredith & Emma Keeble

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Basic Life Support

by Nancy A Schwartz

Wildlife Search and Rescue: A Guide for First Responders

by Rebecca Dmytryk

Veterinary Parasitology: Reference Manual

by William J Foreyt


Hedgehog Rehabilitation: A Guide to the Rescue, Rearing, Nursing, Care, Diagnosis, Treatment, Welfare and Release of the Hedgehog Erinaceus Europaeus

by Kay Elizabeth Bullen, Keith Jones

The Natural Hedgehog (Care for Wildlife Series)

by Lenni Sykes (Author), Jane Durrant, Pip Morgan, Virginia McKenna

Biology & Anatomy

Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function

by Noble Proctor

The Inner Bird: Anatomy & Evolution

by Gary W. Kaiser

Essential Ornithology

by Graham Scott

Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Textbook

by Victoria Aspinall, Melanie Cappello

Handbook of Bird Biology

by Irby J. Lovette, John W. Fitzpatrick

Under the Microscope: Microscope Use and Pathogen Identification in Birds and Reptiles

Danny Brown

Bird Identification

Collins Life-Size Birds: The Only Guide to Show British Birds at their Actual Size

Paul Sterry

A guide to identifying UK Nestlings & Fledglings

Samantha Bedford

What's that Bird? The Simplest ID Guide Ever

by DK

Britain's Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland

by Rob Hume


Doctor Ross Perry's Bird Poop Book

Dr. Ross Perry

Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual

William J. Foreyt

Infection Control

Veterinary Infection Prevention and Control

Linda Caveney

Online Reading

Guide to Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Wildlife Rescue UK Facebook Group Guides (what to feed, when to feed, string injuries in birds, etc)

Care and Treatment of Sick & Injured Hedgehogs

The Rehabber Store, downloadable guides (£1 each)

Hand-rearing of Mice & Voles

Hand-rearing foxes

Hand-rearing Mice & Rats (domestic, but applicable to wild)

RSPCA Guide to Housing of Mice & Rats

RSPCA Guide to Housing of Pigeons

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