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Help us to Find Land or Premises

The Greenwich Wildlife Network is desperately seeking a space or piece of land on which to establish a centre for the charity, where a small number of animals can be cared for until the point of release. This would also enable the charity to offer more educational events, projects and programmes for the local community related to wildlife and the environment. 


Currently, the animals which cannot be released or taken on by rescue centres immediately or which need emergency care are being fostered by the wildlife rehabilitators in their own homes, and this greatly limits the number of animals that can be cared for and the scale and quality of our facilities. Being granted the use of premises would enable the scaling up of our activities in an unimaginable way, as well as make an enormous difference to the lives of these volunteers (as the care of the animals could then be shared by a pool of volunteers on a rota). New volunteer roles would be created to help oversee the care of animals temporarily housed in these facilities. 

We are looking for either premises (160 sq ft minimum) or a piece of land to build a temporary
structure on (320 sq ft minimum), to accommodate the animals (mostly birds and small animals) and provide access to volunteers for feeding, cleaning, medical care, and transport.


Ideally, the location would be within two miles or so of Plumstead (where the Director and many key volunteers live) or further if good transport links are available. We require access to water (and electricity ideally). For the peace and safety of the animals, we need a safe and quiet space which is out of public view. Temporary parking space is also essential for the safe transport of the animals.

If you are a landlord with a property or piece of land you'd be willing to donate, sell or rent to the charity at an affordable rate, or can otherwise assist us with our search, please get in touch via email at, or by completing the contact form below. 

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