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Leave a Legacy to the GWN

Ensure that wildlife is protected after you're gone.

Some of the most lasting and impactful funding that the Greenwich Wildlife Network has received has come in the form of gifts left to the charity by our wonderful supporters in their wills.


As a small, volunteer-run charity, entirely dependent on public support to rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned and unwell animals, these legacies can make a huge difference, enabling us to purchase vital equipment, cover utilities and veterinary bills, build aviaries and enclosures and ultimately, save the lives of more animals.

Leaving a legacy means that animals and wildlife continue benefiting from your kindness, even after you're gone, and we're always honoured to be the beneficiaries of them. 

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What You'll Need

Your solicitor will need the following information when including Greenwich Wildlife Network in your will:

Charity name: Greenwich Wildlife Network
Contact email address:
Head Office address: 2 GRANGE CRESCENT, LONDON, SE28 8EX
Registered charity number: 1197507

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