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Cygnet Crash Lands in Busy Street

This cygnet crash landed in a busy road in Greenwich. Thankfully, a small group of kind-hearted people gathered around him to keep him safe and prevent him from wandering into traffic until GWN volunteers could arrive. Prior to these kind people’s involvement, he had been in the road with busses beeping at him - it was an extremely high risk situation.

Although the cygnet’s family remained in the area on a nearby creek, at this time of year, parent swans begin chasing their cygnets away from their territory, which often leaves them stranded and vulnerable to foxes, dangerous people or road traffic accidents. So after we had got the cygnet contained, we sought advice from Swan Sanctuary volunteers and the decision was made to relocate him rather than have him not be so lucky next time, or to put him through the stress of capture again.

Our volunteer Paul relocated the cygnet to a flock of swans in the Thames early this morning where he will never be at risk due to competition for territory.

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