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Gull Horrifically Entangled in Fishing Hooks & Line

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The team were all really disturbed and upset by the recent rescue of a gull with a fishing hook embedded in his wing, which was then connected to a fishing lure and another rusty hook stuck in his nare (nostril).

He couldn’t move his head, and every attempt to move must have been incredibly painful. He was still able to fly but very thin, so likely had been unable to eat for a while. There’s no knowing how long he had this awful contraption attached to him, and it’s hard to imagine how uncomfortable, terrifying and painful that time must have been for him. All of this suffering was caused because an angler couldn’t be bothered to dispose of their equipment properly and that just makes it so much more upsetting.

Thankfully the hooks have now been removed. The gull seemed so relieved to be able to drink, eat and bathe again. He’s in a sorry condition but a vet felt the hook was not embedded too deep, so we are hopeful for a full recovery and that this gull’s life won’t be taken away because of someone’s callousness and laziness. It’s hard to like humans at times.

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