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Woodcock Rescue: A European Visitor Runs into Trouble

At this time of year, Woodcocks migrate to Britain from Continental Europe to spend the winter on UK shores. Sadly, many get into trouble on the way, crashing into tall buildings or windows and suffering from concussion, or simply becoming exhausted from their long journey and grounded. As a result, most London rescues experience a brief influx of this species during the winter months, and the GWN is no exception.

This afternoon we were called out to a very lethargic Woodcock slumped on a roof in SE18, with a small wound to one eye. After warming up and having some fluids and the wound cleaned he was much improved. These are not an animal that takes well to captivity, so we’re hoping to get him well and back out into the wild ASAP.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any of these birds that appear to be grounded or otherwise in trouble. Woodcocks are also known for doing a quirky ‘dance’ that I highly recommend you look up on YouTube.

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