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Rabbit in Shocking Condition Rescued in Oxleas Woods

We need to raise funds for veterinary care for Merlin, a rabbit who was found in Oxleas Woods after either being lost or deliberately abandoned, and who has horrifically swollen and engorged genitals and a build up of ‘sludge’ in his urinary tract that requires urgent treatment.

After being found in the woods, Merlin was taken home by a kind hearted person who then contacted the GWN. Upon Merlin’s arrival last night, we noticed that his genitals were shockingly huge - swollen and very uncomfortable looking, and we immediately knew he would need to see a vet first thing in the morning. It’s not known whether Merlin is a lost pet or was abandoned in the woods, perhaps because he was fighting with another rabbit in the home - he is covered in small wounds - or because his owner realised he was unwell and could not or would not pay for vet treatment. He is a very sweet, friendly rabbit who enjoys having his ears rubbed, and who has obviously spent lots of time around humans in the past.

On the evening of his arrival, Merlin started climbing in and out of his litter tray, as if he had the urge to pee but was unable to. At this point we began fretting about the possibility of a urinary blockage, and debating whether to take him to an out of hours vet as this is potentially life threatening. After we discovered a small wet patch however, we assumed he was at least able to pass a little bit of urine and decided to set alarms throughout the night to check that he didn’t suddenly go downhill. It was a very anxiety riddled evening.

In the morning, Merlin went to Oval Pet Centre in Sidcup who were amazing - they admitted him and set to work making him more comfortable. Although his bladder wasn’t totally blocked, it was full of sludge - excess calcium which builds up in the urinary tract - meaning he could only pass very small amounts of urine, and a blockage may have been imminent without veterinary intervention. Merlin’s urinary tract was flushed out, his poor, swollen genitals carefully cleaned up, and he was started on pain relief and antibiotics. He’s due back at the vets tomorrow for further treatment, but for now, he is at least far more comfortable, and we will do whatever is necessary to get him well.

We’re expecting Merlin’s total vet bill to be several hundreds of pounds, so any contribution, even just £1, towards his veterinary care would be incredibly helpful. Donate here.

Let’s get this poor boy happy and healthy again.

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