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Peregrine Falcon & 'Savage Beast' of a Fox Rescued

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It was a baptism of fire for newbie volunteer Bethany today when she attended her first ever fox rescue, with support from experienced volunteer Matt. Although the fox sounded as if he was collapsed in the description we received, Bethany and Matt soon discovered this wasn’t the case and quite a dramatic struggle ensued to get him into a carrier; or, to use Matt’s words, ‘he turned in to savage beast that could climb drainpipes and walls.’ Thankfully, the rescue was successful in the end and the fox is now on the way to South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

Our volunteer Lauren, who is another recent addition to the team but has hit the ground running and taken on a huge number of rescues in a short time, also recently collected and transported this grounded peregrine falcon from Forest Hill. He was then taken onto South Essex Wildlife Hospital by Abbie.

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