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Blackheath Swan Relocated After Attack by Territorial Pair

Well done to Paige, Fran had Dave for relocating a swan today that landed on the pond at Blackheath, which is already home to a pair of swans and their cygnet. Due to mated swan pairs often being extremely territorial, the new swan was at risk of being chased off into the nearby busy road, which sadly has long been a hazard to the waterfowl that live at the pond, with a goose being found dead there just today after a suspected collision with a car.

Once the swan was caught, he was relocated to a local lake where a flock of swans co-exist happily.

Paige and Fran then had a busy day ahead, trying to catch two moorhens with leg injuries at different local lakes - one of which we’ve been attempting to catch for weeks - before collecting an injured magpie.

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