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"Troublesome Trevor" Safely Relocated by Volunteers

"Troublesome Trevor" was spotted outside Morrison's Supermarket looking a bit sorry for himself yesterday evening.

Trevor the swan has become well known locally for his antics - such as wandering into a nearby chip shop and begging for food outside Iceland supermarket.

On this occasion, he had been chased off the nearest body of water by a pair of territorial swans and seemed at a loss as to where to go next. So he had simply plonked himself down outside Morrison's.

Given the late hour and spate of recent attacks on waterbirds, he was especially vulnerable on land, so we decided to relocate him to Southmere Lake, in hopes that he would settle there and find himself a penn who might curb his troublesome ways. Swan Patrol SE28 were also on the scene to assist.

After a short car drive, we arrived at Southmere, where Trevor seemed to be accepted into the flock instantly. We hope that his days of causing trouble are over - though we doubt it!

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