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Training Day at the Slade Church

A big thank you to all the very promising potential volunteers who attended our transport volunteer training session today.

The session covered some of the basic considerations involved in transporting animals - like minimizing stress during transport, basic handling techniques for garden birds, and cross infection protocol, which is of course ever more pertinent duing a bird flu outbreak. A very friendly domestic pigeon, Edie, also made a visit to demonstrate the correct way to pick up a pigeon!

We hope to offer more training opportunities like this in future to help build a team of people who are not just kind hearted and motivated, but also knowledgeable and confident - well prepared to rescue and protect the animals of Bexley and Greenwich.

It was lovely to put faces to names and we hope to see you all again soon - perhaps with a pigeon in tow on your first transport run!

We also owe a huge thank you to The Slade Church who were extremely nice and accommodating every step of the way.

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