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Why I Created the Greenwich Wildlife Network

On September 27th 2018, Rae Gellel, a founding member of the Greenwich Wildlife Network, published the following on a newly created Facebook group.

The tight-knit community that formed around this Facebook group would lead to the formation of the GWN - which quickly became an active, well-known and greatly relied upon organisation in the local community. "I created The Greenwich Wildlife Network to help fill a gap for animals locally.

There’s currently no wildlife hospital or rescue centre exclusively serving the Greenwich area, and bordering areas of Bexley.

This means that when injured, unwell, or orphaned animals are found locally, their chances of getting help, treatment and ultimately, of survival, are slim.

Many are simply taken to the nearest vet, often with the best of intentions, where they are at high risk of being euthanised. Only specialist wildlife vets are equipped to treat and house wild animals, and with no local rescue centre to pass the wild animal to, veterinary staff often resort to euthanasia - some more willingly than others.

The best hope lies with local wildlife rehabilitators, or 'rehabbers' - people who have the expertise to care for wild animals in their homes - however we have very few of these locally, and they’re often extremely overworked.

There are also rehabbers and rescue centres further afield, however people willing to transport animals to these places are also in very short supply, and it can be difficult to get in touch with the right person/centre.

That’s why I’ve created this Network - to help connect local rehabbers, veterinary care professionals, and generally lovely, animal loving local people who might be willing to transport animals to safe places.

I’m hoping that between us we can create a safety net for local wild animals that find themselves in hurt, ill or without their parents, for whatever reason, and help give them some chance of recovery."

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