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Merry Christmas from the Greenwich Wildlife Network!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know tomorrow won’t be the day that many people in the group had hoped for, it won’t be for me and for many of the people that I care about, but I still hope that somehow, each of you manages to find some happiness tomorrow, and if not that, some faith that next year won’t be so hard.

I truly appreciate all of the help, advice, and support that members of this group have provided throughout 2020, in spite of how strange and turbulent it’s been. Thank you to everyone who has encountered an injured animal this year and who chose to help rather than simply walk past, and to everyone that has transported animals (sometimes as far as Yorkshire!), assisted with rescues, assisted with releases, accepted animals into their own organisations, offered advice, shared posts, tweeted councils, signed petitions, and who has donated, either funds or useful items.

I’m so grateful for you all, and for this community. We get a lot of compliments for the work that we volunteers do, but the truth is, it's a collective effort, and there are undoubtedly animals who wouldn’t be alive today if such a wonderful group of people hadn’t come together and pooled their time, compassion and resources. This year has been tough, but the kindness of this group hasn't wavered a bit in the face of hardship.

2021 will bring some developments that we're hopeful about - we're tentatively exploring charity status and I have a very promising lead on a space for release facilities. I hope it will be a better year than this one.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, stay safe, and Merry Christmas.

- Rae Gellel

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