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It's Ours! The GWN's Plans for a Mini Wildlife Rehab Unit in SE18

It’s officially ours!

Today we signed the lease and picked up the keys for the space that will become our new mini Wildlife Rehab Unit in SE18. A whole new chapter is about to begin for the Greenwich Wildlife Network.

Thanks to the donations received from this amazing, supportive community, including some incredibly generous ones of £100-£500 - a special thank you to those people - we have raised enough to cover the initial deposit of £1,290.

It is a fantastic start and we’re so, so grateful for your support. We still have a long way to go to reach our target however, and to fund the purchase of custom made veterinary caging, storage facilities, a fridge, an air purifying unit, cleaning and food supplies, shelving, and so on.

Just a few weeks ago, when the chances of ever finding even a small space in South East London seemed extremely slim, I was questioning if I could continue in my role as Director of the Greenwich Wildlife Network. I was completely and utterly burnt out from spending every waking moment working, and from the overwhelming wave of suffering that hits us every nesting season and the limited resources we have to ease and prevent that suffering.

Now I have a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Please help me to make our dream of creating an effective, long-lasting wildlife rescue service in SE London happen; this Unit is hopefully the first step towards that goal.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated so generously so far.

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