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Help Us to Find Land in Greenwich or Bexley

We're looking for a small, affordable piece of land, smallholding, or space, in or around SE18, where we can house a small number of animals, predominantly birds.

The purpose of the land would ideally be to erect aviaries for the soft release of garden birds, if the conditions are right. Alternatively, if we can't find a space with suitable release conditions, we may look for any space that can simply be used to house animals until they can be sent for release through other rescue centres. The benefit of such a space is not only the ability to release animals ourselves if the conditions are right, it would also mean we could look for volunteers to help with their daily care, which would make our workload more manageable during the busy summer months. The space we're looking for is: - In or relatively local to SE18.

- Could realistically be purchased through a fundraising effort, ideally freehold but leasehold will be considered. - Is an outside space, or has an outside area where aviaries can be erected. - Is ideally located in an area with lots of surrounding nature and foliage, away from busy roads.

If you are aware of a piece of land that might be suitable, or can otherwise assist us with our search, please get in touch via email at

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