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Who We Are:

We are a small, volunteer-run registered charity based in Greenwich, South East London.
Our aim is to give injured, orphaned, and unwell wild animals in the Greenwich or Bexley area a chance at treatment, rehabilitation, and eventual return to the wild.

We do this by directing members of the public to their nearest wildlife rescue centres, and by assisting with the rescue and transportation of animals in distress. Our volunteer wildlife rehabilitators also care for animals in their homes, until we can achieve our main goal of securing premises for the charity.
If you have found an injured, orphaned or unwell wild animal, please visit this page for advice on which organisations to contact.

The best way to get in touch with the GWN directly is through our Facebook group.



We feel a moral and ethical obligation to protect the vulnerable, prevent suffering, and preserve the ever-dwindling natural world.



Our Principles

We are a group created by the local community, to serve the local community. We do this by protecting our shared natural heritage, and by assisting members of the public seeking help for animals in distress.

We are advocates for the ethical & humane treatment of all animals, and always support non-lethal solutions to conflicts between humans and wildlife.


Cat Caught a Small Animal?

Don't release it! Any small animal caught by a cat needs antibiotics administered within 48 hours, even if they seem unharmed, to avoid contracting a deadly infection. 


Found a baby bird?

Some baby birds need urgent help if they're found out of the nest whilst others - called fledglings - are best left alone.

Here's how to tell the difference! 


Seen a fox with mange?

Rescue organisations aren't able to attend to every report of a fox with mange, but there are treatments you can administer yourself in certain circumstances.

Infographics (click to enlarge)

​We recommend:

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