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We Were Too Late to Save These Cubs

We've had two very sad cases involving fox cubs lately.

The first was in SE14, an area we typically struggle to cover even in quieter times and that is technically outside of our catchment area. Our volunteer Abbie, who has been transporting animals pretty much non-stop on her days off work recently - even getting up at 6 am this morning to attempt to catch a goose - shot over there as quickly as possible, got the collapsed fox in a carrier, and began an hour long journey to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. Sadly, just before she arrived, the little fox passed away.

A similar case occured today with a cub in Thamesmead; our volunteer Paul arrived very quickly but sadly, the cub had already passed away before he could reach it.

I know these are very sad stories that some people would simply rather not hear about, but I wanted to share not only to highlight the grim reality of rescue work that the public does not always see, but also the tireless efforts our volunteer team during the busy season. They are not paid for their time but that has not prevented them from working almost non-stop for the GWN in recent weeks.

We need all the support we can get to get through this summer.

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