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We Did It! Anti-Bird Netting Removed at SE18 Kirkham Street Flats

Updated: May 14, 2021

Our campaign worked!

Today they removed the anti-bird netting on a housing block in Kirkham Street, SE18 that was etangling pigeons, as a result of pressure on the council from GWN supporters, and subsequent intervention from local councillors.

The tangled pigeons were dying slowly and painfully of dehydration and exhaustion, in flagrant breach of the Animal Welfare Act. Their bodies were then simply left to rot, in some cases inches from windows used by residents.

The netting was so badly maintainted that it wasn't effective at deterring the pigeons - they were able to enter through various tears and gaps. In some cases, the netting actively prevented pigeons from leaving, due to only one or two small exit points, leading to more pigeon droppings on and around the building!

The tangled pigeons were dying a cruel death to achieve absolutely nothing.

Not only did the netting fail to reduce the volume of bird excrement, it also forced esidents to live in close proximity to decomposing animals, and often to watch these birds die slowly and painfully. Many have welcomed the netting's removal, as they have been contacting the council about these issues for years - to no avail.

We are thrilled that our campaign has not only prevented a huge amount of unneccesary suffering, it has also improved living conditions for frustrated residents.

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