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Terrapin Surrendered to Vet Starts New Life at Sanctuary

Many thanks to the Turtle Sanctuary in Staplehurst for agreeing to take in another South East London terrapin today. This one was found on a path in the blazing heat and handed into the PDSA Thamesmead, who then contacted us. We arranged for our lovely volunteers Julie and Doug to then drop the terrapin at the Sanctuary this afternoon.

Research by FrogLife shows that terrapins abandoned in lakes and waterways in the UK have a 40-80% death rate, often perishing in the winter months as they are not adapted to such low temperatures. The Turtle Sanctuary also recently informed us of culls of terrapins taking place across the UK, enacted by councils who feel they pose a threat to native flora and fauna. The people who abandon these animals under the guise of "releasing them" have a lot of suffering to answer for.

The Sanctuary have been struggling with fundraising in recent months and there are very significant costs associated with the care of these complicated reptiles, so please follow them on Facebook - the Turtle Sanctuary .

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