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Pigeons Left Without Food & Water for Two Days Due to Anti-Bird Netting

This evening we were alerted to two pigeons trapped in anti-bird netting on a balcony in Eltham. They had been there since Thursday with no food or water, repeatedly throwing themselves into the netting to escape. Local people informed us that they had tried calling the council about the trapped birds but were told simply "let them die".

By now many of you will know that animals becoming entangled in netting is a common problem - we get reports like this weekly. Failure to maintain this kind of netting means those responsible for it may be criminally liable for any suffering caused to trapped or entangled animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

Unfortunately the owner of the flat wasn't home, though his neighbours did put him in touch with us and he was helpful and concerned. He was happy for us to cut a small hole in the netting to free the trapped birds. The only way to achieve this however was for me to stand on the railings on the balcony below, and reach up with clippers. This is never particularly safe as one slip and I'd fall to the concrete floor below, but needs must. We have now invested in a very flattering climbing helmet at least.

We managed to cut a hole without any accidents - with me balancing and Fran and my mum holding onto my legs - but then it was a waiting game as to whether the pigeons would find the hole.

We went back down to the ground floor and waited. Thankfully it wasn't long before one pigeon found the exit hole, and then was quickly followed by the other. With the help of residents who had been extremely supportive throughout, we then scrambled to get them some food and water. The first thing that both did was take a long drink.

A good outcome but so much damage and unnecessary suffering is caused by this horrible stuff

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