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Greenwich Wildlife Network Founder Recognised with Community Award

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I was very surprised but also very touched and honoured to receive an award this evening, at Women's Day Event to celebrate the contributions of local women organised by the Glyndon and Plumstead Delivery Team. It was such a shock when they said my name!

The Glyndon and Plumstead Delivery Team is made up of local residents, community groups, and stakeholders and aims to provide support to local people in a variety of ways, helping them to access services locally and generally inspire positive community engagement.

Though I'm truly humbled to have my efforts to help people and animals locally recognised, I must point out that none of what I do would be possible without the wonderful, hard-working team of volunteers that I have supporting me, many of them (but not all!) being brilliant, kind women. My mum in particular probably deserves a reward just for tolerating me filling her house with animals and bringing all sorts of chaos into her life.

Many thanks to the Glyndon and Plumstead DT Team for choosing me as the recipient of the award - I still can't quite believe it! - and for a wonderful evening with lots of inspiring speakers and entertainment, and very nice food.

- Rae Gellel, GWN Founder & Director

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