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Fundraising event at King's Park School, Eltham

Shortly before Christmas, students from the year 9 Maths class at King's Park School in Eltham, a specialist secondary school provision for 11-19 year olds with autism, organised a very successful fundraising event in aid of the Greenwich Wildlife Network.

With the help of year seven students and using a recipe taken from the Battersea Dog's Home website, the hardworking kids baked home-made dog treats, which were then sold to friends, teachers and parents in order to raise funds. As you can see, they even designed these very impressive posters to advertise their bake sale.

We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the recipient of the project, which also provided students with an opportunity to apply their maths skills to a real world scenario.

Hopefully, the students also gained some wildlife knowledge, as we visited the class to discuss the work of the GWN and how their hard-earned funds would be used to rescue and rehab unwell, injured and orphaned animals locally.

In addition to a cheque for the amount raised, we were also presented with a fantastic bird house, hand-made by a talented year seven student. In the nesting season, it will provide a beautiful home for a bird family.

A HUGE thank you to these very hard working students and to their teachers, for choosing the GWN and for organising such a successful event. We have ear marked the funds raised for something special!

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