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Fox, Pigeon & Swan - Another Day of Rescues

Another long day with a string of rescues.

Firstly, Lisa and I attended to a young fox collapsed in a doorway in Mottingham, dragging his back legs; the finder very kindly waited with him until we arrived. In such a weakened state, he was very easily lifted into a carrier - I didn't even have to scruff him. We then transported the fox to a wildlife friendly vet twenty minutes away. We've yet to receive an update on his condition, but even if his injuries are too severe to be treated, at least he will not be left to suffer in the street, under constant attack from flies.

Next, we went to Bexleyheath for a wood pigeon that had been sat in a garden for two days. Although obviously injured or unwell, the pigeon could still fly short distances and was mobile enough to dodge the home owner's attempts at capture. Although we're full, we knew that no other rescue would likely be able to attend to catch the pigeon promptly, and having gone two days without treatment already, delaying any further would be cruel. As is so often the way in these situations though, in spite of the pigeon being sat in the garden for two days, as soon as we arrived, he vanished! After a thorough search, we discovered him seconds from disaster. He was in a neighbour's garden, mere inches from a cat who was poised to pounce on him. Cat attack injuries are often horrific, and watching him get torn to shreds wasn't an option. I had no alternative but to hop the fence - not an easy task - then shoo the cat away and scoop the pigeon up, hoping an angry home owner wasn't about to accost me for being in their garden. Unfortunately it was then impossible to climb back over the very awkward fence whilst holding a pigeon, so I had to shove him down my leggings while I climbed. Sigh.

We then went to Danson Park to respond to a report of a swan entangled in fishing tackle, meeting our volunteer Paige there. Paige knows the birds at Danson, their habits and personalities, better than anyone - even having names for many of them. We could find no evidence of fishing tackle or line on the swans however, but will continue to monitor. Frustratingly, we did encounter people having barbecues on the incredibly dry grass, in spite of the wild fires raging across London and the repeated warnings by the emergency services against this very activity.

After three plus hours of rescuing we then had to rush back to crop feed some pigeons and administer some medication. Not a very peaceful Sunday!

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