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Dramatic Pigeon Rescue in SE2

Today, GWN volunteers Dave and Conchi responded to a report of a pigeon tangled in netting on the balcony of a flat in SE2. Based on information provided by a member of the public, the pigeon had been unable to escape the netting for around two days - so was likely extremely dehydrated and weak.

Upon arrival, the volunteers found that the flat was unoccupied, meaning that there was no easy way to access the balcony on which the pigeon had become tangled. Access via a ladder was also difficult due to the height and a fence surrounding the block of flats. After hours spent trying to formulate a plan, including getting in touch with the relevant organisation to obtain a key to the flat, Dave took the iniative and managed to use a telescopic ladder to access the balcony. In a precarious position several storeys from the ground, he painstakingly cut away the netting until the pigeon was free.

The determination of both volunteers likely saved the pigeon from a slow and painful death from dehydration and exhaustion.

'Felix' as she was soon to be named - after Felixstowe Road, where she was rescued - was brought to a volunteer rehabilitator for assesment and treatment, and luckily managed to survive her ordeal with minimal injuries, although she was severely dehydrated and in a state of shock. She will be released back into the area shortly, and will hopefully now avoid the netting and therefore, any future accidents.

Other wildlife may not be so lucky, however. So-called 'anti-bird' netting poses a major threat to birds, bats and even mammals, particularly when not regularly checked and maintained. We have previously launched campaigns against netting of this kind in the Greenwich area that was entangling and killing multiple birds, in a slow and inhumane manner in breach of the Animal Welfare Act.

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