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Cockerel Found Running Loose on the M20

This stunning chap was discovered running loose on the M20 last night. He was handed into the PDSA Thamesmead's out of hours service, and their staff got in touch. It's not known whether he is an escapee or was deliberately abandoned. Sadly, cockerels are often unwanted as unlike hens, who can live in large flocks, only one or two cockerels can be kept together at a time or they will fight viciously. Of course, their tendency to crow at first light can also make them a nuisance, especially in residential areas! As a result, cockerels are notoriously difficult to rehome and are often the victim of culling and abandonment.

Our volunteer Janet kindly collected this friendly, curious boy this afternoon, and took care of him whilst we were busy running the GWN stall at a local fete. In that time she fell in love with him totally - he is a big character. We are open to suggestions of names.

We are now seeking a permanent sanctuary home for him. This may prove more difficult than ever due to fears around bird flu in domestic poultry, which also means he must be kept completely isolated from other birds in our care for ten to fourteen days. Thankfully he shows no signs of ill health whatsoever, aside from his primary feathers appearing to have been deliberately cut - perhaps to stop him escaping (which didn't work if it is the case!)

Shortly after he arrived at the PDSA last night, some kind-hearted police officers also handed a baby pigeon to the practice. This little one was also collected. These are just a few of the animals we've helped in recent days. Others include several geese, a robin, a goldfinch, a LOT of pigeons, several rats and a stock dove.

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