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Abandoned Canary Rescued Just in Time

Although it isn't our usual catchment area, we couldn't ignore a post on SE16 community group about a canary who had been abandoned by his owners and was hopping around on the floor outside, bewildered.

A local person caught him by placing a bin over him and one of our brilliant volunteers promptly collected him.

Without a doubt he would not have survived. Sometimes people think they are being kind by "releasing" domestic birds, but they do not have the survival skills of wild birds and this often condemns them to a slow or terrifying death. In this instance I think it was probably just pure callousness on the part of the owner, however.

He's safe now, at least.

We get through lots of perches, toys and cage accessories for the domestic birds we take in. You can buy this little one a gift to make his time with us a bit happier via our Amazon wishlist.

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