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Support Our Work

Our ability to rescue injured, orphaned, and unwell wildlife in the Greenwich and Bexley area is dependent on the kindness and goodwill of our donors and volunteers. If you'd like to contribute towards our work, you can do so in the following ways. 

Donate Funds

We are reliant on donations to cover the cost of veterinary care and vital supplies such as food, medication, caging, and fuel.


Donations can be made via PayPal, or by bank transfer, using the details below.

Our details at Lloyd’s Bank are as follows:

Greenwich Wildlife Network

Sort Code: 30-96-26

Account number: 73981360


Donate Useful Items

You can donate useful items via our Amazon Wishlist. Simply order items from the list and they will be delivered directly to our volunteer wildlife rehabilitators.

Alternatively, we are currently in need of donations of the following items:

  • Newspapers

  • Old towels and sheets

  • Kitchen roll

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Dog and cat food

  • Small bowls

  • Storage boxes

  • Building materials

  • Books on bird-watching, wildlife, or nature (these are sold at summer fetes)


We are currently recruiting transport volunteers - people who are able to collect injured, orphaned, and unwell animals and transport them to our volunteer wildlife rehabbers, or to rescue centres outside of London. Fuel money is always available for these trips, though some volunteers choose to use their own funds - this is completely optional.

To be a transport volunteer for the GWN, you must own your own vehicle and be willing to have live animals in your car - securely contained of course! You must also be a member of our Facebook Group as this is a key way that we coordinate rescues. 

We generally ask that animals are contained in secure boxes before our transport volunteers collect them. Sometimes, however, members of the public are unwilling or unable to capture and contain animals. In such cases, we often send volunteers with rescue experience to safely contain the animals, ready for transport. Whether you want to assist in these cases and gain rescue experience yourself is entirely optional. 

The majority of our transport requests are also spontaneous as we cannot predict when an animal will be in need of help locally. Transport runs are therefore allocated on the basis of which volunteers are available and willing to make a trip when requests for help come in.

However, we do also organise some transport runs in advance - these tend to be longer trips to wildlife rescue centres outside of London that regularly accept animals from the GWN.

The length of the journeys vary, from very short, local journeys of ten to thirty minutes, to those of a considerable distance - from Greenwich to Greater London, and parts of Kent, Essex, Norfolk, and Yorkshire. We are particularly in need of volunteers willing to take on longer trips.

As a member of our transport team, you choose which trips you would like to volunteer for and when, dependent on your availability and what you are comfortable undertaking. It's also important to check with your insurer that you are covered for voluntary activities whilst driving.


If you are interested in becoming a transport volunteer, please complete the following form, and we will be in touch.

Help us to Find Land or Premises

We're looking for small and affordable property, piece of land, or smallholding, in or around SE18, where we can house a small number of animals, predominantly birds, until they are ready for release. These animals will receive daily care from volunteers.

The space we're looking for is:
- In or relatively local to SE18.

- Could realistically be purchased through a fundraising effort, ideally freehold but leasehold will be considered.
- Is ideally located in a relatively quiet area, away from public view.

If you are aware of a space or piece of land that might be suitable, or can otherwise assist us with our search, please get in touch via email at

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