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Dog's Body Found in Thamesmead - Please Contact the PDSA for More Info

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

This afternoon, the body of a small to medium sized dog was recovered from Gallion's Canal in Thamesmead, SE28, near the Princess Alice pub.

The dog had passed away some time before, so it was difficult to identify the breed or gender. However, he or she appeared to be a terrier of some description, a bit larger than a cat, long haired, possibly a brown or tan colouring, with a fluffy tail. The dog was not wearing a collar.

The condition of the dog's teeth suggested that he or she was not too elderly.

The dog is now resting at the PDSA Thamesmead, where he or she will be scanned for a microchip. Due to the dog being found in water, the chip may no longer be functional, however.

If no microchip is detected, the dog will be held for one week for an owner to claim, before being communally cremated. If you believe this may be your pet, please get in touch with the PDSA within that period, so that his or her remains can be laid to rest as per your wishes.

The dog's remains were handled respectfully. If this is your dog, we're so very, very sorry for your loss.

Please note that this dog was NOT Mindie. Many thanks to the two gentlemen who alerted us and assisted with removing the dog from the water.

PDSA Contact Details: 020 8311 6695 The Freda Powell Centre, 1C Eynsham Dr, London SE2 9RQ 8:30AM - 5.30PM

PDSA/Vets Now Emergency Service (5.30PM to 8.30AM): 020 8616 1468

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